Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be…

…because that is where you are. These words came out of my mouth with a client today, and I was reminded how true it is for all of us to keep in mind. There are many times when we think to ourselves: Why am I here? Shouldn’t I be somewhere else? Shouldn’t I be, do or have something different at this point in my life?

The reality is: you are on a path. You may not be entirely clear where that path is leading, but there is something crucial about the experiences you are having right now. A year from now, you will look back and say: At this time last year, I was going through X and I learned A, B, and C, that got me to where I am today. Trust that, and know that throughout your life, it has always been that way...and it has always worked out in a direction that allowed you to learn crucial information. Your unique journey is necessary for your own growth, discovery of self, and manifestation of goals and dreams.

Cut yourself some slack. Stop focusing on the “shouldas” and focus on the present. Give yourself permission to take stock in where you currently find yourself, and ask: What am I learning? What’s important to me? What are my values and am I honoring them? What do I want to create?

And if you are unable to take an objective, 30,000 foot view of your situation, share it with a trusted friend, family member, or coach. Their points of view (taken with a “grain of salt”) may spark some new thoughts, choices, or direction for reflection. Journal, collage, or just talk it out. But be sure to stop, look, and listen to what life is telling you. Have faith that it’s all happening this way because these are essential lessons for what’s coming next on your path.

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Graham said...

I have learned how to "BE" with Judah's guidance over the last few weeks. It is important stop and notice and be thankful for the gifts and things you have.