Friday, April 10, 2009

Focus on the Process, NOT the Result

I am as guilty as anyone of getting wrapped up in the future and losing sight of the present. However, when I do become conscious of what I’m doing – robbing myself and my experience – I take a step back and say: “Hold up a minute! My life is happening right now!”

I have shared before the idea of the Be-Do-Have Model. We often get so wrapped up in the go-go-go (the do-do-do) and what we are trying to have on the other end, that we forget who we are being in the moment and what/who we want to be to create our lives and experience. We can even forget the reasons why we were pursuing all we are up to in the first place.

There is something really wonderful (and liberating) about letting go of the results-focus and recognizing that we are on a journey. There is a point to the process – to learn, to grow, to travel a path, to live in this very point in time. And when we can recognize that process as the actual objective (dare I say the real result), we open ourselves up to a whole new perspective.

Keep yourself inspired by releasing the grip on the future, and settling into the ride as what it’s all really about – the journey, not the destination. In that space, many more options may open up – even better ones that you could not have noticed in your single-mindedness – that may blow the result you were originally trying to achieve out of the water!

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